Hi! I'm Brian "FDeityLink" Christian. Thanks for visiting my portfolio!

I am a third-year Computer Science major at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I have programmed professionally since 2014 and have worked on a wide variety of projects. Some of these deal with distributed systems, mobile device networking, mock data generation, formal language theory, compiler design, and more. You can find my GitHub repositories here.

My primary interests include programming languages, compilers and interpreters, functional programming, and computer science theory. I have used a wide variety of languages, including Java, Kotlin, and Clojure. I am hoping to learn more about Haskell, Rust, and Scala in the future as I am a functional programming zealot.

I also enjoy other kinds of technology in general, such as video gaming, mechanical keyboards (I use a Planck), and Linux (I use Arch Linux ). I don't have as much to write about or work on in this subjects, but I keep myself updated and spend some time with these subjects in my free time.

I write on occasion too, as you can see throughout this website. Most of the projects I have displayed on this portfolio are writing projects, even the ones with a significant amount of programming. Blogging is one of my preferred formats to read and write; it's a great way to write about any topic of your choosing with your own author's voice. Since it's published on the web, you can also get a high degree of control over how the blog is formatted and presented.